About Becca BeyondRebecca Beyond is passionate about the process of jewellery making and favours traditional slow techniques which have been passed from jeweller to jeweller for hundreds of years. Some pieces are crafted from multiple elements which are then soldered together, textures come from the strike of a hammer or from unique processes discovered through extensive experimentation.

Though the sometimes countless steps that go into a piece of jewellery are rarely visible in the finished work, a person who wears a piece of handmade jewellery may carry with them the sum of years of experimentation and creative endeavor on the part of the maker. 

Rebecca believes jewellery can positively impact how the wearer feels and communicate selected aspects of personality without words. Her inspirations include the endless variety of natural forms, Japanese culture and design, minimalism and industrial architecture.

Get in touch if you are interested in a bespoke commission which can start from as little as £120.

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