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Pendant Rings for a Marriage Proposal

Do you have a unique idea you’d like to realise in precious metal? Perhaps your style is as unique as the jewellery you like to wear. Maybe we could create something together.

Product Description

I worked with the client to design this pair of pendant rings for a marriage proposal in Berlin at the end of January 2016. Clare and her fiance (she said yes!!) prefer jewellery which has an organic natural feel, so we incorporated pieces of broom cast silver and textured the ring band with a tree bark texture. The reverse of the rings was imprinted with lace with a hole cut for light to shine through the moss agate stones that she chose. Each ring has a nugget or two of gold and is oxidised to further add to the natural look and feel. Clare was initially worried that they might lose something so precious as a bespoke ring so we came up with the concept of these pendant rings, which are dramatic when worn on the finger and wearable as a pendants for everyday. Price upon request. Please get in touch for private commissions.


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